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5 States That REALLY Know How to Manufacture

Since the infamous recession of 2008, the manufacturing industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs. After seeing a loss of nearly 2.5 million jobs in the past ten years, it was hard to determine when the manufacturing sector would bounce back. However, the manufacturing industry was responsible for 12% of the nation’s total economic output in the year 2012. In fact, Michigan held the fastest manufacturing job growth in the nation from 2009 to 2011. To further prove that manufacturing is on the rise, we’ve put together a list of 5 states that know how to manufacture (based on share of output). Here are the 5 states that know how to manufacture:

1.  in Indiana: one of the fastest growing manufacturing states in the nation

  • Manufacturing share of output: 28.2%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $84.15 billion

2.  or Oregon: a leader in computer and electronic product manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 27.8%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $56.16 billion

3.  la Louisiana: one of the nation’s leaders in petroleum and coal manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 22.6%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $55.10 billion

4.  nc North Carolina: a food, beverage and tobacco product powerhouse

  • Manufacturing share of output: 19.4%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $88.25 billion

5.  wi Wisconsin: a leader in paper manufacturing

  • Manufacturing share of output: 19.1%
  • Manufacturing output 2012: $49.98 billion